HALO Maritime Defense Systems was founded in 2008 with a vision:

Protecting Vital Assets by Extending Physical Security to the Waterside

Today, HALO Maritime Defense Systems works with governments to secure Navy Ships and Bases, Ports, and Airports. HALO Maritime Defense Systems helps Energy Companies secure Rigs, Refineries, FPSO Vessels, Nuclear Power Plants, LNG Tankers, and Facilities.  HALO has assembled a team of smart, dedicated, hard-working professionals unmatched in the industry.  From creative use of advanced materials suitable to the maritime environment to detailed mooring analysis and hydrodynamic studies, no one ensures the sustainability of ocean-deployed structures more vigorously than HALO.  And Management is comprised of leading executives from both industry and the military, with the ability to advise and execute on substantial security initiatives.
Maritime Domain Awareness (MDA) is NOT enough.  Physical systems deployed as part of a layered defense along with conventional electronic and people dependant solutions offers for the first time, Maritime Domain Control (MDC).  When it comes to protecting high-value and highly sensitive waterborne assets, why settle for less?