The Orion Retractable Defensive Barrier (RDB) - Expeditionary Barrier Gate is a lightweight, rapidly deployed, waterside security system. Orion is used to provide protection around sensitive maritime assets, while still allowing ease of ingress and egress for friendly assets. Orion is a smaller scale version of the Guardian retractable barrier system that can be easily propositioned in forward areas to protect deployed or transiting assets.

Performance Specifications
Orion Retractable Defensive Barrier (RDB)

1.7 m
2.8 m
>423 kJ

Height Off Water:
Beam (Width):
Max. Kinetic Energy:

Orion can operate in either a static mode to create a perimeter, or in a dynamic mode as a gate. The gate is capable of several configurations, including automatic, semi-automatic, and manual operating modes. The barrier's compact design and accordion style compression allow for storage in operational areas with logistical support limitations. Lengths of barrier can be pre-positioned and deployed in a harbor to protect a visiting vessel and removed on departure of the vessel.

Orion Installation. San diego, ca

Orion Installation. San diego, ca


ASTM F2766-11